Our collaboration with creators can follow a variety of scenarios.

However, we always put all our power into making the creator, us and the brand happy. How do we work with different types of influencers?



Exclusive basis

In this model, the basis of our activities is to represent creators like gamers, both active and ex-sports players as well as casual gamers. The cooperation is based on an exclusive contract and our tasks will be mainly the representation of the creator, support in building and developing social media channels and support in content creation and monetization.


Exclusivity gaming & technology

This model of cooperation is intended for creators who are game enthusiasts but their core specialization is slightly different e.g. musicians, journalists, vloggers, athletes or cooks who are looking for an agency to represent vthem in the gaming & technology category. We predict an exclusive contract only in this category and our task will be to represent you in front of brands from this industry. Thanks to this cooperation you will gain the highest quality of service in the gaming & technology category which will not interfere with your existing cooperation and brands.



This option provides for collaboration based only on momentization of actions. We can work with any creator who is interested and we do not have an exclusive contract. Our activities will be focused on the creation and monetization of marketing campaigns thanks to which the creator will gain the possibility of reaching many new brands and the highest quality service.