MASTERCARD Bezcenne chwile (Priceless moments)

Mastercard, following the latest trends, has expanded the rewards catalog in the Priceless Specials program with a new category – gaming. The brand has also partnered with esports icons – PashaBiceps and Izak.

Priceless Specials Mastercard is a program in which registered users for each card payment at any retailer or service provider in Poland, automatically receive points that can be exchanged for prizes to support the implementation of passions and interests. The traditional material catalog is replaced by individual goals, which are pursued by the program participants. These goals were so far divided into 8 categories: film, music, sport, entertainment, travel, culinary, shopping and helping. We have added a ninth category – gaming.

The slogan of the gaming campaign is Mastercard joins the game and it was widely communicated in both gaming and marketing media as well as through SM channels of our creators. Additionally, we have enriched Mastercard rewards catalog with the products autographed by Izak and Pasha Biceps to make them unique.


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