Snickers – Pogromca głodu (Hunger killer)

What is the key to the success of a well prepared internet campaign?

Certainly one of these factors is the element of surprise. Other components are the integrity of the client’s product and the content of the influencer. We decided to use these two factors when planning the promotional campaign for Snickers – Hunger Slayer.

The success factor for this project was a well-prepared scenario in which Izak, during one of his broadcasts, gives vent to his emotions and nervously leaves the game and the broadcast. The audience got the impression that the action happens ‘naturally’ which additionally intensified the surprise caused by the further course of events. Apart from the aforementioned Izak, the project involved popular bodybuilder Robert “Hardkorowy Koks” Burneika and influencer Patryk “Rojo” Rojewski, who came to visit the nervous streamer during the stream to bring him down with a Snickers bar. The result was a huge surprise for the audience on the broadcast, who actively appreciated the planning of the whole situation with positive comments and reactions.


The Result

1 080 000

views of the promotional video on YouTube