Virtual Concert (Minecraft x NVIDIA)

A virtual concert in the Minecraft Windows 10 edition (BadRock) was the first concept of such an innovative campaign in Poland.

On the international level we were inspired by concerts starring Travis Scott and Marshmello performed in Fortnite. We wanted to create a unique activation for our client, who loves unconventional approach to raise awareness and generate huge community engagement with creative gaming campaigns. Choosing Minecraft wasn’t an accident – we wanted to build our own scene and the blocky game fitted our needs perfectly.

One of the key strategic points for that campaign was choosing the right star to perform on our virtual scene. The influencer have had to be able to engage players from different age groups. Fortunately, we were able to reach the famous winner of the 17th Eurovision Kids – Viki Gabor who entertained the entire audience! Minecraft Windows 10 edition (BadRock) give some unique opportunities to build an interesting scene. Dedicated textures, lights and shadows enabled our creativity to raise an impressive custom map with a scene containing nearly 300 millions of virtual blocks.


The Result

50 137

hours watched on Twitch

2 300 000

social media impressions

36,07 M

OTS PR campaign

2 h

live concert